Unlockd offers advertisers the only enterprise mobile platform that delivers the right content at the right moment, resulting in market leading engagement and measurable business outcomes.  

Android smartphone users simply opt in to the app, enter their interests and then view relevant and hyper targeted ads, content and offers each time they unlock during the month. They get rewarded with mobile credit, premium entertainment content, loyalty points, movie tickets, discounts on leading brands and more.

Unlockd’s patented platform is tailored to meet industry needs, as it allows advertisers to gain first access to opted-in consumers and presents a unique opportunity for high impact and targeted screen time (a time before the user checks Instagram, Spotify or Facebook).

Major content and advertising partners including Twitter, Yahoo, MoPub and high profile brands such as McDonalds, British Airways, Doritos and Uber are already capturing this unique digital moment to shift behaviour or perception.

Unlockd is currently live in Australia with flybuys. The “Unlock Rewards” app allows members to earn up to 1,000 flybuys points every month.