MCN Location

MCN Location leverages accurate mobile location data at scale.

It delivers highly targeted mobile in-app advertising, by helping clients identify and target bespoke audience segments by utilizing mobile device behaviour at real-world locations. 

MCN Location also provides advertisers with exclusive access to historical device behaviour of up to 2 years in the past, allowing advertisers to build the most robust audience targeting segments in market.

MCN Location is powered by the exclusive representation of Near.

Near is the largest location intelligence platform providing real-time information on places, people and products. The Near platform powers Allspark, its flagship product enabling customers to visualize, engage and analyze audience data including their location and behaviour for data-driven decisions.

Founded in 2012, Near is headquartered in Singapore with offices in San Francisco, London, Bangalore, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney. To date, the company has more than 700 million profiled audiences and has put it to work for marquee brands including P&G, Coca Cola, Ikea, Audi, McDonald’s, Toyota, Nike and Samsung.

Near is backed by investments from leading venture capitalists Sequoia Capital, JP Morgan Private Equity Group, Telstra Ventures and Global Brain Japan.

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