You don’t stop fighting just because you’re home

Foxtel’s new local production, Fighting Season starts October 28 on FOX SHOWCASE.

Australia, 2010. The dead of night. A platoon of soldiers returns home after their latest tour of duty in the mountains of Afghanistan. They arrive to a near empty airport with only their families to greet them. The mood is sombre, more “guilty secret” than triumphal return. Why? It’s not just because they’ve come home unexpectedly, with three months left on their deployment; it’s the reason for this sudden return – the death of one of their own, veteran section leader Captain Ted Nordenfelt, killed two days before in a hard fought and controversial combat mission. A mission marred by bitter mistakes, and a secret so serious they’ll do anything to keep it from seeing the light of day.

Fighting Season is the story of the men of this platoon, their loved ones and the unfolding mystery around Ted’s death. It’s about an Army culture of stoic self-sacrifice that can corrode even the strongest of marriages. About the bonds of mateship, forged in the high-octane life in a warzone, of experiences so intense those “back home” can’t understand, and how this collides with the messy, undisciplined world of family life. It’s also about politics of war, as it plays out at home, and how medals for bravery are used not only to honour the fallen, but also to silence dissent.

The six-part event drama is a compelling mystery regarding a possible cover-up where the lines between killer and family man, between hero and victim, between truth and imagination, are constantly shifting. The ensemble Australian casts includes, Jay Ryan (Beauty and the Beast, Top of the Lake,) Ewen Leslie (Top of the Lake, The Daughter), and Kate Mulvany (Secret City, The Great Gatsby).  Fighting Season also includes new and diverse talent including George Pullar (A Place to call Home S5), Marco Alosio, Julian Maroun, Paul De Gelder, Sarah Armanious and Sabryna Walters. Lucy Bell, Lex Marinos, David Roberts, Camilla Ah Kin, Ching Po and Jay Lagaiai will play supporting roles.

Fighting Season begins Sunday, October 28 at 8:30pm AEST, also available On Demand.

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