The real love island

Adventurer, Ben Fogle, meets more people who’ve escaped the daily grind to live off the grid in some of the world's most remote locations.

The new series begins on Wilderness Island, located in the remote north-western cape of Australia to meet a couple whose story is as remarkable as the landscape they now live in.

Jim Alston discovered the sport of Paragliding at the age of 28. Having always had a passion for thrill seeking, Jim took to it immediately. In 2000 the unimaginable happened when Jim’s canopy completely collapsed mid-flight. As he recovered, Jim began to contemplate his future and decided he would chase his childhood dream of living on his own desert island.

After years of searching, Jim finally found his oasis, a small island not seen on any conventional map. In 2005 the island was officially leased to Jim and five years later its population doubled. During this time, Kim, a 21 year old Danish backpacker visited the island and romance immediately blossomed. After 3 months Kim continued on with her travels to Perth, but was involved in a life changing 4WD accident which she was lucky to survive. Kim returned to Denmark, but found it hard to settle and continue with life as she knew it, so returned to Wilderness Island to live off the grid with Jim and they remain on the remote island to this day.

Where the Wild Men Are
Starts Saturday, 6 January at 8:30pm
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