The Bachelor Australia: Behind the magic in the mansion

One irrefutably charming and eligible Bachelor, 22 gorgeous ladies and immeasurable drama that exists within the confines of the Bachelor mansion.

For those keeping count, our knight-in-shining-three-piece-suit, Matty J, has less than ten women left vying for the final rose. To reach this point, however, has taken a truly startling amount of time and effort on behalf of a great many people. 

To save you the time, we crunched the figures. After all, nothing spells romance quite like numeracy.

Let’s begin with the mansion itself, as the sprawling property takes a fair amount of decoration.

Indeed, the grounds are lit by three kilometres of fairy lights, but to ensure no one is left in the dark, an additional 500 candles are thrown in for good measure.

Two hundred boxes of both real and fake flowers dress the mansion, which takes four weeks to blossom into the beautifully decorated residence that graces your television screen twice a week. When you consider it is a team of only 10 responsible for preparing the mansion, these figures are truly breathtaking.

But what of the Bachelorettes themselves? It takes no less than 1,000 cases of bottled water to keep the ladies refreshed, but of course water is not all that is on the menu. Each gorgeous Waterford Crystal champagne flute the ladies sip from costs $450. It takes five boxes of hair care products and 50 bottles of skin care products to help the ladies look date-ready and when the much-anticipated time arrives, seven cars are kept on-site to transport the Bachelorettes and their Bachelor.

When all is said and done, however, only one thing matters: the one lucky lady left standing by Matty J’s side.

The Bachelor Australia.
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