Sports, cycling and lobbying - new Marketing Dividends

For the final episode of the series, Marketing Dividends travelled to Canberra where host, James Hier, discussed Sport Australia’s new marketing platform, the impact of OBikes on bicycle manufacturers, and tips from the secretive world of political lobbying.

To conclude what has been a fantastic series, the panel consisted of Louise Eyres, General Manager – Marketing, Customers Insights & Analytics Division at the Australian Sports Commission, Ian Callaghan, Trek Bicycle Corporation APAC Regional Marketing Director, and Stefanee Lovett, Capital Hill Advisory Managing Director.

In the the episode below, you’ll hear how Eyres brought together marketing heads from competing sporting codes to help promote its new Move It Australia marketing platform. In a surprising maneuver connecting very different disciplines, Eyres is powering a collective marketing movement, encouraging Australian’s to spend 30 minutes a day doing any form of exercise to help the country tackle growing levels of inactivity across all age groups.

Also on this episode of Marketing Dividends, Trek Bicycle Corporation APAC regional marketing director Ian Callaghan opened up about bike sharing schemes and whether he felt they were good for manufacturers or a threat.

“If you take a step back and look at why that occurred, obviously, it’s filling a need for the customer, the need for a cheap, effective way to transport themselves in China was needed.

“Bike sharing has come in and delivered that service.  So the opportunist in me says, ‘Great, we’ve got known. More people are riding bikes in China’. More people riding, maybe [they may upgrade to] a higher quality product.” 

Capital Hill Advisory managing director Stefanee Lovett also shared how the rise of social media has created a unique opportunity for lobbyists to help businesses and politicians engage in new and unnatural ways with the public.

“Anybody can be a lobbyist technically,” she said. “But it’s the relationships that we have with those politicians and we often say it’s our ability to speak the language of politics to business and vice versa that is a skill in itself and not everybody has that skill that they can transfer whether it’s in an online platform or otherwise.”

Check out the full episode below.