Now there’s 2 million more reasons to get excited about Foxtel

Foxtel’s exciting new repositioning of the brand holds enormous opportunity for advertisers writes MCN’s Content & Brand Partnerships Director, Tania Jones.

With streaming entertainment services on the rise, particularly amongst younger viewers, Foxtel recently announced an accessible new offering for streaming devotees - Foxtel Now.

It’s significant news for advertisers; adding greater scale to the Foxtel advertising market - ultimately opening up unique brand opportunities to target up to 2 million more Australian viewers in addition to Foxtel’s estimated 2.8 million existing subscribers.

Foxtel Now means advertisers will have access to Foxtel’s premium content through a streaming VOD service for the first time – offering premium, limited supply ad inventory via pre, mid and post rolls. In time, Foxtel Now and its App will also be an important channel for addressable advertising and dynamic advertising insertions. More on that later.

For now, it’s an enormous point of difference in the streaming market – with existing services such as Stan and Netflix not [currently] carrying advertising, and others having a cluttered and clunky advertising environment. Foxtel Now services will be streamlined for the viewer and appeal to the broader shift in how consumer decisions are being made when paying for content – from households to the individual.

The convenience of Foxtel Now is that it is not only a streaming video on demand service, it also allows Australians to access broadcast linear channels and the ability for advertisers to advertise in and around Foxtel’s premium content.

As Foxtel CEO Peter Tonagh said at the launch event, “Unfortunately not enough Australians are able to enjoy this incredible programming. We think it’s time we change that, so we’ve taken some big steps to diversify our service to offer the biggest, most affordable, range of options for everyone.”

The move is part of a broader repositioning of the Foxtel brand. The new tagline, “Foxtel for everyone”, democratises the platform for everyday Australians and is designed to shake-up public perceptions and dangle a carrot for the hugely popular Game of Thrones series, which will be available in the $15 monthly Foxtel Now “Drama” and “Pop” streaming packs.

The repositioning also includes a dynamic new look and feel for the brand – visible across all Foxtel broadcast and digital assets including a new logo and a new design and organising system for the channels. The contemporary new look has already been favourably compared to the energetic and user-friendly graphic style used by popular apps and social networks.

The addition of Foxtel Now means we are in a position to offer advertisers premium inventory in and around the best content in Australia. Foxtel’s Video on Demand (VOD) services will have a maximum of two impressions per ad pod to provide the best entertainment experience for our consumers and the premium advertising environment for clients. 

We are also well advanced around tech developments with our addressability roadmap which will give us a competitive point of difference and represents a huge game changer in the innovation and evolution of MCN and Foxtel.