MCN's commitment to brand safe advertising

True brand safe advertising is defined by two things: Firstly knowing exactly what content your ad will be placed alongside and secondly that your ad will absolutely be viewed by a human.

At MCN we have built out our digital video network with premium publishers who can guarantee brand safety for our advertisers.

The content on our network’s premium sites and apps is published by the world’s most trusted media brands. Our video is broadcast quality, professionally produced, with almost all of the content coming from broadcast television. Our sites are destinations sought out by our audiences because they trust, like and in some cases love the brands and the content. They provide advertisers certainty that their ads will not run against content that is racist, sexist, homophobic or promoting terrorism.

In addition, we can also guarantee an actual human saw your ad. Using third party independent measurement platforms, we have complete confidence your ad was not run on a page created by a robot.

Our video advertising is not just highly viewable, it’s click-to-play (not autoplay) and sound is on by default

At MCN we are committed to brand safe adverting as we believe it delivers better commercial outcomes for clients. It delivers a real audience passionately engaged in premium content.

To find out more around how to place your brands on the market’s most trusted digital network, contact your MCN representative on 02 9209 6300.