MCN says farewell to industry hunting dog

It was a hot summer’s afternoon in late 2015. The phone rang and on the other end was a cheerful voice, introducing himself as AdNews’ new reporter. His name was Arvind Hickman and like many a determined journalist, he didn’t let us forget him.

After many calls, emails, texts and red wines, he became a staple in Australia’s trade press - instrumental in telling the industry’s news and current affairs from a balanced and educated point of view. An ambassador for the industry, he was wildly passionate about the media world and over the years investigated numerous challenging stories, quickly becoming the press expert on major media incidents like the ACCC inquiry and the Cambridge Analytical Scandal.

His willingness to follow a story relentlessly has not only been admirable, but led to huge exposés, including the very famous piece about Facebook that triggered a global debate and was followed up by US investment analysts and Media, including the Wall Street Journal. 

He also helped kick-off a movement to help change the way we measure success on television, gave voice to the rise and importance of data-driven TV and led the charge for AdNews’ AdLand Bail Out initiative, helping give back to disadvantaged youth. Not to mention his impressive skills as a panel moderator for AdNews and MCN at the Programmatic Summit.

Arvind, we speak for the entire industry when we say your investigative skills, world class reporting and colourful anecdotes will be sorely missed. Thanks for all your exceptional work and commitment in helping tell our industry’s stories. All the best with your future endeavours!