How technology will help us embrace the future of trading

Nick Young, National Sales Director, MCN

If we are all travelling at the speed of business, technology is the fuel that accelerates us. It creates better outcomes for everyone: audiences, agencies, advertisers and the media networks themselves.

Recently for MCN and Network Ten, it helped us bring automation to free-to-air television for the first time in Australia, evolving the future of television in our market.

This technical advancement means better decision-making and efficiency in trading. It allows advertisers the opportunity to trade audiences rather than just airtime, helping improve targeting and audience campaign delivery. It takes the pain out of delivery and provides next level value to agencies and clients.

Whilst pay-tv services have traditionally led the charge in implementing new technologies, it’s exciting to see free-to-air services in Australia picking up steam. We experienced the move from analogue to digital in 2010, and the introduction of Freeview, which saw the industry come together to create a shared platform to deliver free-to-air content. Now, with the introduction of the innovative Dynamic Trading model on Network Ten in 2017 we will undoubtedly set a new industry benchmark for highly targeted and efficient television trading on Australian free-to-air channels. And that’s good news for everyone.

But, as obvious as this next generation technology sounds, it’s taken a significant investment in time and technology to bring this important innovation to life. And we can’t just stop here.

Automation and data is the future and will allow us to deliver improvements and innovations such as better integrations and greater engagement for advertisers. Dynamic Trading is a great step forward, but there are many more to come.

The key for us at MCN is to continue evolving audience based buying. We plan to overlay credible data sources to create further efficiencies across our network and ultimately deliver real commercial outcomes for clients.