Frain talks what’s next for MCN

It’s been four weeks in and I think it’s fair to say my introduction into the CEO hot seat at MCN has certainly been hot.

While the latest announcement regarding the disengagement of Network Ten presents some obvious changes for MCN, I’m pleased to say we have a plan in place to continue our position as the TV industry’s true challenger brand.

As we spend the next few months ensuring our people are taken care of and the return of the sales function to Network Ten is smooth for our partners, what waits at the end is an opportunity for MCN to continue to be an outstanding and innovative business going forward.

Put simply, MCN was a brilliant business before we began our partnership with Network Ten in 2015, it was brilliant throughout the relationship, and we will continue to be brilliant as we embark on our next chapter. Our legacy as a market-leading pioneer of service, innovation and advertising technology will continue well into the future.

In fact, if I took a moment to step back and reflect on the past 10 years, it’s incredible to see how far we have come in such a short period of time.

In addition to our relationship with Network Ten being so successful that we increased their metro revenue share by 3.3 points, from 21.9% in H1 2015 to 25.6% in H1 2016, MCN also grew the other brands we represented across multiple platforms by 122%. And this is during at a time when the TV industry has faced well-known market challenges.

Many of these sales efforts were acknowledged by winning several industry awards, which nicely complemented our world first technology launches – the Landmark platform, which delivers automated trading, Dynamic trading for Foxtel in 2014 and then Ten in 2017, and of course our Programmatic TV offering.

These innovations, our people and the commercial success of our partners – channel, client and agency, is fundamentally important to who we are at MCN and who we will be as we progress forward.

As MCN looks to set its new course, the team and I will be looking to forge new data and technology partnerships to expand our data capability and launch new revenue streams across the business that will help deliver you better business outcomes.

In fact, if you had a chance to check out The Australian’s Media and Marketing section earlier this week (view on our website here), there was a piece in there discussing a plan to reinvent advertising models for the Foxtel business. The shakeup will allow Foxtel to address the attention economy and provides our partners with a better advertising experience. It’s pretty exciting stuff and certainly a strong ambition from the Foxtel and MCN team that we look forward to delivering you. And this is just the beginning.