Combating the attention economy

Attention has become a valuable commodity in marketing. There are only so many people in an audience, and only so many hours in a day. Their attention is not owned by any individual, and it’s a resource we all need and benefit from using.

Unfortunately, over time we’ve over used attention, and as a result a lot of our advertising efforts are not landing a good-sized chunk of focused attention in the way we hoped it would.

But, we can be part of the solution.

We can set our own quotas to reduce attention overload, create reserves by moving towards environments that foster attention growth by focusing on quality, relevance and less intrusion. We can also reduce wasteful ‘by-catch’ by getting smarter about not only who we want attention from, but how we’re capturing it and why.

At MCN, we really understand that attention matters, so we’re focused on building a better viewing experience with our partners at Foxtel to in turn create a better advertising experience for you and your advertisers.

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