Qantas Airways is Australia's leading premium airline and one of the nation's most prestigious, recognisable and respected brands. Qantas’ Inflight Entertainment Network delivers a captive audience of affluent professionals and leisure seekers alike. Qantas carries over 2.1m passengers domestically and internationally each month.

The Qantas Passenger:

  • 58% male
  • 41% are AB
  • Average personal income $102,772
  • Average household income $142,843
  • 77% have investments
  • 37% are professionals
  • 28% are business decision makers
  • 3 times more likely to be a board chairman or managing director

Domestic Inflight Entertainment:

  • Cabin main screens:
    • Sky News delivers the latest headlines, sport, business and weather news exclusively for Qantas
    • FOXTEL provides Qantas passengers with premium general entertainment programming
  • Video on demand (back of seat screens):
    • Movies (various genres)
    • TV (various genres)
    • Sky News updates

International Inflight Entertainment:

  • Video on demand (back of seat screens)
    • Movies (various genres)
    • TV (various genres)
    • Sky News updates

*Sources: Roy Morgan, 2014;  IPSOS Business Elite Survey, 2014; Qantas, 2014

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