Nick Young

Chief Sales Officer

As MCN’s Chief Sales Officer, Nick Young is passionate about quality content for broadcast and digital, and its role in the media landscape.

Born and bred in the UK, a degree in History at Portsmouth University sharpened Nick’s investigative skills and his ability make sense of conflicting information. Starting out as an intern agency-side "by chance", he quickly rose through the ranks before moving into media sales for magazines. First at Emap and then Men’s Health, he received a great grounding in face-to-face sales and negotiation.

However, Nick soon quit to go travelling through Egypt, India, Borneo, Australia and America before returning to the UK and moving into radio. He spent four years at GCap (now Global Radio), eventually leading the sales team for Classic FM. But, sales weren’t the only successes for Nick at GCap: he also met Australian media exec Liz, which resulted in marriage and a move Down Under.

After working as Head of Strategy for Full Circle, Nick realised that digital was the place to be, leading to a role at NineMSN as Group Sales Manager.

In 2011 he joined MCN to help develop and grow the digital business. Starting out as a small boutique business, through acquisitions and sales, and taking on the Telstra assets, it evolved into a large-scale publishing business. Through Nick's leadership, in just four years the team grew from around 15 people and $11 million to 45 people and $70 million.

During this process, Nick also got to learn the TV side of the business. This put him in the unique position of having both high-level broadcast and digital experience, and led to him being promoted to National Sales Director in 2017.

When he’s not at work, Nick enjoys running and playing golf. And while he hung up his own football boots some years ago, he’s now teaching his daughter soccer.