The future of TV advertising

Future of TV Advertising

The evolution of digital television is changing TV advertising. For the first time advertisers are able to conduct a two way conversation with consumers through the TV. Digital interactive TV advertising (iAds) allows advertisers the opportunity to engage with interested consumers beyond the traditional 30” spot. Interested viewers can press the red or green button over a TVC to engage more deeply with the brand.

They can get extra content sent to their Foxtel set top box or they can request brochures, samples or call backs directly through their TV. Similarly with sponsorships, brands are now able to get closer to programmes by broadcasting the red button over individual shows and rewarding the viewer with additional information and offers throughout the programme.

The TVC is alive and well and will continue to thrive in the future. It is the back bone of video advertising. But alongside that we will see a variety of these exciting new interactive opportunities allowing traditional TVCs and sponsorships to work even harder on the STV platform.

We are now in an era of true convergence with A/V content increasingly being consumed across multiple devices. At MCN, we believe that long form advertising content will play a big part in the future of video advertising and subscription TV is best placed to take full advantage of this.

Having created great advertising content, through MCN you will be able to
publish it via:

  • Interactive ads
  • Video on Demand
  • Online
  • Mobile Foxtel
  • IPTV
  • Green Button

The digital future is bright and exciting and advertisers that embrace these opportunities with MCN will be able to deliver a truly integrated, cost efficient, cutting edge digital campaign across our channels. The future for TV advertisers is to ‘win the minute’ – ensure their content is relevant and engages their target audiences.

And the longer term future? With IPTV, improved targeting and measurement, personalisation and substitutional advertising waiting around the corner, the future for digital TV advertising has never looked in better shape.