Power of MCN

Multi Channel Network (MCN) is Australia's most progressive media advertising company offering clients a range of effective communication solutions to not only reach but create a dialogue with consumers. MCN is responsible for the advertising interests of 68 television channel brands, 119 websites, 30 m-sites/optimised mobile sites, 60 apps, 4 IPTV services and 3 Digital-Out-Home locations. Owned by Foxtel and FOX SPORTS, MCN has the experience and resources to ensure a better return on investment from your communication campaigns. 

Brilliant High Value Consumers

MCN viewers have higher disposable incomes, greater purchasing power and are devoted to their brands. They adopt early, travel frequently, spend more on groceries and love Foxtel. Simply put these people are brilliant consumers.

Engaging Premium Content

The explosion in exclusive local and international content provides advertisers with a truly engaged audience and effective cross platform sponsorships that deliver scale and value. With so much choice comes an un-paralleled flexibility for advertisers to target every campaign to the right audience. MCN has it all; sport, factual, music, news, lifestyle, movies and drama.

Optimal Campaign Results

The explosion in choice has clearly made TV more complex to buy and with the growth of MCN's commercial share, MCN 's role is becoming more critical in delivering efficient reach for clients.

Brings Life to Ideas

MCN delivers unprecedented levels of engagement by weaving advertisers into the very fabric of our programs and entertainment brands. Integration and activations extend beyond the program into multi-platform opportunities which take consumers on a brand driven journey across on-air, online, mobile, tablet devices, events, promotions, interactive TV and digital out of home.