Online Specifications

MCN offers advertisers access to a wide range of online advertising opportunities, offering over 200 different ad formats and integrated opportunities. Beyond the standard banner, MCN Online offers rich media, pre-roll video, eNewsletters, competitions, mobile and tablet apps and dedicated sites, integrated sponsorships, and now every TV advertiser has the opportunity to extend their brand online with long form content in the video players.

Please contact your MCN Online Account Manager for more information.

Rich Media

Expanding Ads


  • All expanding ads must be user initiated - Roll over to initiate.
  • All creative is required 5 working days prior to the live date.
  • Mouse off to retract.
  • All creative must have a close button.
  • All OTP ads must be served through an MCN approved 3rd party Rich Media vendor. This is at the expense and responsibility of the agency or advertiser.
  • Sound must be user initiated by a click or a mouse roll over
  • A clearly-defined button including the word 'Close' or an X symbol with minimum dimensions of 70 x 30 pixels must be present at the top right corner for the entire duration of the OTP.
  • A mute/unmute buttom should be clearly visible
  • OTPs must be frequency capped at 3 per user per session


Creative is due 5 working days prior to the live date


EBTV must be frequency capped at 1 per user per 24 hours on Fox Sports and 2 per user per 24 hours for all other websites.

File type

For TVC content played in the standard player / custom skin player, please supply video source material in one of the listed formats:
- Mini DV
- Beta SP
- Full resolution AVI with DV compression (or no compression)
- Full resolution MOV with DV compression (or no compression)

Video Duration

Ideally, videos are between 15 and 30 seconds in length. TVCs longer than this length can be hard to compress to 1MB in weight. Therefore, when they are compressed the quality is reduced.
Videos above 1MB in weight, take longer to load, and therefore more likely to be closed by the user before the video begins. It is in the client's best interest to keep the TVCs at around 30 seconds or less.

Video Weight

For 30 Sec TVCs - at least 3MB, up to 20/30MB
For 15 Sec TVCs - at least 1.5MB, up to 10/15MB

TVCs low in file weight tend to be poor in quality. When files are compressed, the quality is reduced. Therefore, if the files are not of high quality to begin with there is no way of improving them.

Customised / Skinned player

For a customised / skinned player, please supply the following assets for pre approval and player construction:
- Overall design concept as an image file or PDF with a written brief
- High resolution graphic source files e.g EPS, PSD etc.


Interstitial specs

  • GIF: 620x380, file size max. 25k
  • Ad serving through Relevant like billboards
  • Only static .gif-files
  • No voice files or streaming possibilities
  • Max duration 7 seconds
  • Maximum frequency 3 per session
  • Option: Link to partner site or inside Habbo