Material Requirements

Key Number Requirements

Key Numbers must comprise of no more than 13 alphanumeric characters. Key Numbers that exceed this character limit will be rejected. 

Once material has been sent to the MCN Foxtel destination, no creative changes are permitted without supplying MCN Traffic with a revised key number.

Delivery by






Dub Form Selection
MCN Foxtel
MCN Contact
Nicolle Meers

P: +61 2 9209 6317
F: +61 2 9209 6361
Qantas Television Commercials

Broadcast Quality, H264.Mov OR Mpeg Quicktime file. 1024x576
Must be delivered to MCN Foxtel Destination  by either Adstream, Dubsat or IMD

Qantas Billboards

Broadcast Quality, H264.Mov OR Mpeg Quicktime file. 1024x576.
Must be delivered to MCN Foxtel Destination by either Adstream, Dubsat or IMD

Network Ten: Technical Delivery Requirements for Standard Definition T

The following is a list of the current requirements for TVCs delivered to Network Ten in Standard Definition (SD).

Standard: PAL 625/50 16:9 (14:9 title safe). 4:3 TVCs are no longer accepted.

Format: Digital Betacam

Line up requirement:
Start of tape
60 seconds of 75% colour bars with 1khz –20dBFS
15 second slate: Title. (if applicable)
Advertiser Name
Key Number
Audio Type
Spot Duration
Record Date
Aspect Ratio
5 seconds of Black and Leader from 10

Time Code: 25 f/s

Channel 1 Left
Channel 2 Right

Mono: Channel 1 & 2
Loudness: Target loudness level of -24LKFS and does notC exceed -1DB variation on either side

There must be 12 frames of no audio at the head and must end with 12 frames of no audio at the end to allow for the transition.
Number per Reel: No restriction, if multiple spots on one tape, Cue sheet MUST be included.

Deadline: 3 working days prior to telecast 10
For complete Technical Specifications, please see the OP59 Quality Specification for SDTV and HDTV delivery of commercials at the Free TV Aust website:

Shipping Address:
Attn: Traffic NETWORK TEN (Sydney) Pty Ltd.
1 Saunders Street,
PYRMONT, NSW, Australia, 2009.

The preferred delivery method is either Adstream or Dubsat. Please contact them directly on the services they have available. The links for contact details are below:

For any questions or explanations please contact:

David Lyndon
Ph: 02 9650 1113

Freda Bouskoutas
 Ph: 02 9650 1130