Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel empowers people to explore their world and satisfy their curiosity. Discovery is devoted to creating the highest quality non-fiction programming that provides an unparalleled insight into the awesome world in which we live.

Profile Statistics

  • The Discovery Channel reaches close to 1.2 million different people on average each week
  • 57% of Discovery viewers are people 25-54
  • 62% are male
  • Discovery Channel viewers have an average household income of $109,000 per year
  • 63% of Discovery Channel viewers are the main grocery buyers in their home
  • Discovery Channel viewers are 35% likely to spend on average $200 or more on shopping pw than the general population
Source: Oztam National Panel, 1/05/2015 - 31/07/2015, S-s, 0200-0200, ALL MCN Channels, Total People, Cume reach, Consolidated; Multiview 100k Anonymous IP Homes, Quantium, 21/06/2015-15/08/2015, Live & Int +7 day; Nielsen CMV Survey 3 2015, P 14+                        IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This material may comprise or be the subject of intellectual property, including confidentiality rights and copyright, of multiple owners, including MCN, Foxtel, NAB, Woolworths, and Quantium ('IP owners').  This information is provided in confidence and may only be used for the purpose provided and any not be reproduced or disclosed without permission.  None of the IP owners gives any guarantee or warranty nor will have any liability for any use or disclosure by the recipient of any information contained in, or derived from, this material.  These material may not be copied or distributed or otherwise disclosed or made available in any way except strictly in accordance with the applicable written terms and condition.


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